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Contouring And Highlighting Chart

A handy contouring and highlighting chart- for everyday or a more makeup'd look! • Posted by Yolanda G.

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  1. Prepare your face by cleansing and moisturising. Apply your usual base whether it is a primer, foundation or BB cream.

  2. Using a slim brush or contouring brush, start contouring your cheeks using your usual bronzer or a product specifically for contouring. By sucking your cheeks in, you will know where to apply the bronzer. Follow the steps in the pictures (the darker stripes). For an everyday look, only do your cheeks and temples.

  3. For a going out look or when you are wearing a lot of foundation. Do your contouring as shown in the third picture. Finish of with your favourite highlighter! To be sure where on your cheeks to apply highlighter, just smile- and apply at the top of your cheeks! All done!