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another point of view to the life of a teddy bear
Here you can see one of my artworks of my exhibition. I had to do this exhibition for my final examination in art & design as elementary school teacher.
Therefore I created these stuffed animals and set them into different contexts. My intention was to create sympathy for the animals on the one hand and to show kind of brutality in using them on the other hand. Every plushie shows a daily situation: being loved (=heart), being hated (=hanging bear), bear as defender from neagtive thoughts and illusions (=spectacles-bear), bear as consoler while the owner is sad or ill (=handkerchief-bear), bear being a talisman (=bear on me), bear being played (=marionette), bear being collected (=bear in mirrorbox; if you look from aside you can see a neverending row of bears) and being new (=in the plastic bag). The red wire shall symbolize the willow of the owner. The owner decides in which context to set the bear. Each situation wouldn´t match with the bear if there wasn´t the wire. The wire is also used to show the influence on the bears. For example the heart-bear is completely surrounded by red wires and the hated bear has a lot of spots and effusion.
In case of the new bear, it is completely filled with the red wire. That means, that the bear isn´t set into a context yet. But because of his red wire he could be set into any context just by extracting the wire at any point.
Actually I wasn´t intending to create a bear. It should be a general animals so that every recipient could compare it with his own memories of stuffed animals and deliberate about ones own behaviour.
In this exhibition I set all bears around the middle place of the couch so that the recipient, which sits in the middle, can reach every single bear without struggle. That shall lead to the imagination, that all contexts can be combined in one bear.
I had crochet the parts of the animals with my own pattern. After that I stuffed them and sewed them togehter.
I took a long while. I don´t know how long it exactly was.

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Anni · 13 projects
Thank you so much!
Bat Ma'am
Bat Ma'am · Seattle, Washington, US · 13 projects
This is so interesting, I love all these ideas, and how everything is represented. Amazing job Happy