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20 mins

For emergency celebrations only
Everyone's had a moment that called for an explosion of confetti, yet there's never any around to throw in the air. Fear not, for a solution has been discovered, and it hangs from your earlobes!

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  • Step 1

    Pour glitter or confetti in your cork bottles.

    To make your own paper confetti, cut very thin strips of colored paper, then snip them into itty bitty pieces.

  • Step 2

    Attach your fish hook earrings to each cork bottle eyehook with jump rings.

  • Step 3

    **This step serves to make sure the cork tops stay in the bottles without having to glue them in, so they can still be removable but only if you choose to remove them.**

    Take your wire and thread it through one of the eyehooks. Twist it on and then wrap it twice in the ridge before the top of each cork bottle. Finally, fold it up to make a loop (and cut off the excess) so you have something to grip onto to unwrap it when you want to take the cork top off. Do this to the other bottle, as well.

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