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A snazzy way to jazz up a dull wall
Well over the years ive collected pictures and things i liked out of magazines, off birthday cards, newspaper, thank you cards, Photographs of friends, holidays etc

I wanted to do a photo album but then i thought if i hide them away in a book no one would ever see them unless i expressly took them out to show someone. So instead i did this massive collage over two smallish walls of my bedroom.

Aswell as flat things like pictures i added things like keyrings, necklaces, paper masquarade masks, Daffodil brooches, old hair accessorys, fridge magnets, decorations, coasters.

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  • How to make a collages. Collage Wall - Step 1
    Step 1

    Collect your images. It might take a while but youll enjoy it and be creative about where you get them. Alot of my images came from weird places like a have a couple of girls in really pretty dresses that were actually from dish washer adverts and amazon adverts. I have muffins cut out of gift bags and a set of pictures of sweets from ikea.

    Some of the images are more personal like old family photos and pictures of my prom. Everything i look at reflects me and my personality.

  • How to make a collages. Collage Wall - Step 2
    Step 2

    Decide how your going to arrange your art. Are you goign to do it a specific shape like if your really into music are you going to do it in the shape of a music note?
    If you like nature will it be a giant flower with leaves around it.

    Or like me will you colour co-ordinate it - i dont know if its clear from the pictures but the top of my arrangement is white then blue then purple then green then brown then yellow, orange, red then finally black.

    I did have it all jumbled up but it got on my nerves because im a very organised person.

  • How to make a collages. Collage Wall - Step 3
    Step 3

    Start at the top and work your way down. As you go its important to consider how much space your working with, what i did was i thought about what pieces i definetly wanted up and put them up first in each colour band.
    Once i thought if got enough i switched to the next colour, trying to fade them into one another if possible

  • How to make a collages. Collage Wall - Step 4
    Step 4

    Things liek keyrings can be added at the end, just stick in a thumb tac and hang them on at the end.
    Go back and find small pictures to fill gaps, or leave space so you can add more in future.

    I find that its best to have bigger images with fewer smaller ones or it can end up looking rather bitty.

  • How to make a collages. Collage Wall - Step 5
    Step 5

    Step back and enjoy, You will probably end up moving something to make it look just right, i think ive redone mine 4 times to date to make sure it ends up just right and im fairly happy with the results.

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Melissa H.
Melissa H.
Did you use tape or glue?
Hazel A.
Hazel A. · 19 projects
it is all individual pieces so I blue -tac'd them all up individually.
Aster109 · Nederland, Colorado, US · 3 projects
I've been thinking about doing this as well - but on my closet door. Seeing your results definetly helped me make up my mind, I'll go for it! It looks awesome. ^^ But what kind of glue (or whatever) did you use?

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