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A boring white desk chair gets a colorful makeover!
Years ago, I had found a boring white chair in the as-is section of Ikea, and since it was only 5$ and i needed a chair, i decided to buy it. Of course, since i was a teenage punk kid at the time, i immediately took my sharpie to it and covered it with horribly messy anarchy signs, pentagrams, and band logos. However, i slowly started to feel more and more embarrassed of that tasteless teenage graffiti, and decided that something needed to be done to fix that chair. So i gathered as many copies of Juxtapoz, Adbusters,and Manga magazines/comics that i could find, and cut out anything strange, unique, funny or just plain cool (as you can see from one of the close-ups,i had almost too much fun with the comic cutouts ;) ), I scanned and printed some original art too even. Over several days, i used Mod Podge to stick my clippings over every inch of chair, then put another light coat all over the finished project. It's been surprisingly durable: it survived three major moves, was my chair of choice for many frantic all-nighters in calculus, chem and physics, been buried under mountains of clothes and shoes and books, and despite all the stress it was under, not a single part of the collage had started to peel yet. I would definitely call it a success! B-)
BTW: I couldn't post a detailed 'how-to' since every chair is different, but if you have a chair in need of a makeover, feel free to ask me for any tips or tricks you could use if you get stuck on yours. :)

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