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Recycled Coffee Tin Craft Project

This project is pretty simple, but the outcome is very useful and I find it very attractive. I buy all of my coffee at Trader Joes, and in the end, I always end up with these large coffee containers. While, I get the large containers, there are smaller ones too I might experiment with.

The containers are sturdy, so I decided to dress them up a little bit and reuse them. I bought some paper from this gourmet type paper store around the corner from me called Hollander’s. I picked out a couple of beautiful sheets of paper months ago, and I was still looking for an excuse to use them. All I did was cover the coffee can with a sheet of this paper, making sure that the trees are growing in the correct direction. I used a basic Elmer’s-type glue. When doing this, the less glue the better, around the tip and bottom edges and the slowly gluing a little strip as you go around. Otherwise, the paper can get a little wrinkly. A bone flattener tool that is used in bookbinding could be helpful here to flatten out the glue bubbles.

Vintage Victorian Themed Organizer

Vintage Victorian Themed Organizer

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Embroidered Tea Wallet

Embroidered Tea Wallet

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Easy Cappuchino Tin Can Recycling

Easy Cappuchino Tin Can Recycling

Nice and easy

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Funki Fied Tea Tin!

Funki Fied Tea Tin!

Who says tea drinkers are boring?

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Yarn Wrapped Tea Jar

Yarn Wrapped Tea Jar

Pretty upcycled jars to hold your pretty yummy things.

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Tea Jars

Tea Jars

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sweet nikki
sweet nikki · Bandon, Oregon, US · 2 projects
You can also do this project with Quaker Oatmeal (unless you get the packets instead of original oatmeal) Anyways, just get any big tall round tin or can or whatever you want to eat at the store then when you're finished, cover it!
--- · 24 projects
BEAUTIFUL! Ok ... give them to me. Now! ;)
Julie P.
Julie P. · Ann Arbor, Michigan, US · 10 projects
Pringle cans are such a good idea too! I wondered about the scent, so I put nail polish in these. Believe me when you open them, nail polish is smell is so strong, you should probably open them with a window open.
· Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, US · 23 projects
These turned out so well--I knew I was saving coffee cans for a reason--thanks Julie!
Mandy · Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US · 23 projects
OoOoO! I like these!!!
kermit · Maastricht, Limburg, NL · 8 projects
looks great! I've done this a few times before with pringles cans (are they called cans?) only make sure you don't use the cans of the spicy chips, because everyting you put in it wil become smelly, 'cause you can never get the smell out of the can completely
queenfairypants · Manchester, England, GB · 75 projects
they're really cool.

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