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Exotic, and sooo yummy!
So, I didn't take any pics during the very messy process, but if I, the kitchen troll, can pull this off without a recipe, you'll be able to do it without pics. :P

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  • Step 1

    First of all, gather your prawns. If they are frozen like mine were, let them unfreeze (I used a bowl with warm water to help them along), if not, you're good to go.

  • Step 2

    The rice will take the longest so strt with that. Now, I'm super anal when it comes to rice, I won't have that nasty precooked stuff in plastic bags or microwave rice or anything. Eww.

    So what I do, I measure and wash one cup of basmati rice and put it in a smal pot with two cups of water and just a little bit of salt.
    Bring to a boil. As soon as it boils, put a lid on and reduce the temperature to half of what your stove can do and later to even less. Make sure the water doesn't cook over. Allthough that's super forbidden, in the beginning I keep the lid open a bit to prevent that. ;)

    Put any kind of kitchen timer to 12 minutes. After these 12 minutes, your rice should be perfect.

  • Step 3

    While the rice is eating up, gather your supplies for the prawns. You need: 1 small plate with flour on it, 1 small bowl with coconut flakes and one small bowl with one of two beaten eggs in it.

    Make sure you have some space to put everything, once you start, your fingers will get really really messy.

    Heat up a pan with cooking oil before you start.

  • Step 4

    - Take a prawn, dry it off a bit with a kitchen tissue if neccessary.
    - Push the prawn into the flour, roll it around a bit untill it's covered.
    - Take said prawn and dip it in the egg, holding it by its tail. All the way in.
    - Let the excess egg drip back off and move to the bowl of coconut flakes. Roll the floureggprawn in the flakes untill it's nicely covered.
    - Put it in the hot pan.

    Keep on doing that, all the while checking on your already frying goodies. It takes a bit of management to get everything done at the same time, but it's not too complicated.

    Place the pawns that have taken on a nice toasted brown colour on another sheet of kitchen tissue to get rid of the excess oil.

  • Step 5

    Your rice should be done by now. Remove the pot from the stove and turn the heat back on completely. Put the rice into another bowl or pot for the time being and replace the pot onto the stove. Add butter and honey to the pot, let the butter melt. Stirr, stirr, stirr. Add the cranberries and toss so they are completely coated in the mix. Let that simmer for about a minute, then add the rice and toss even more untill everything is blended nicely.

  • How to cook a shrimp dish / prawn dish. Coconut Prawns With Cranberry Rice - Step 6
    Step 6


    The sweet rice was very exotic and adventurous for me at first, but it's really really good and fits the exotic coconot prawns perfectly.

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