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A Soothing Balm infused with Coconut and Plantain
Plantain, a leafy green weed, not to be confused with plantain fruit, is a common plant found all over the world. It has tons of beneficial properties and is especially helpful for soothing itchy and irritated skin. Here, we'll infuse it in coconut oil to make a balm that's perfect for smoothing on minor rashes, scrapes, scratches and such.

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You Will Need

Handful of Plantain Leaves (if fresh, dry them first)
1 cup or so of Coconut Oil
.25 oz beeswax
  • Step 1

    Crumble the plantain leaves into a small, heatproof jar. Pour melted coconut oil over the crumbled leaves. Set the jar of leaves and oil down into a saucepan containing a couple inches of water.

  • Step 2

    Place the pan over a low burner and allow to gently heat for a few hours or until your oil starts taking on a greenish hue. Strain the oil into a clean, dry jar while it's still in liquid form.

  • Step 3

    Weigh out 1.75 oz of the infused oil into a heatproof jar or up-cycled tin can, and add 0.25 oz of beeswax to the jar or tin can, as well. Set the jar/can down into a saucepan containing a few inches of water, just as you used to infuse the oil.

  • Step 4

    Place the pan over a medium-low burner until the beeswax has melted. Pour the finished salve into a small glass jar or tin. This recipe generally fills one 2-ounce jar or tin.

  • Step 5

    Apply a thin layer, as needed, for minor first aid situations. (Plantain is great for use on pets and farm animals, too!)

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