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Ideal to decorate your Creepmas tree!
I made some gothic looking Christmas ornaments from black wire and silver glitter to decorate my Creepmas tree! Take a look at my blog for more info!

Posted by Sofie Vandersmissen from Tongeren, Flanders, Belgium • Published See Sofie Vandersmissen's 3 projects »
  • How to make a Christmas tree ornament. Cobweb Heart Glitter Ornaments - Step 1
    Step 1

    1. Take a piece of thin black metal wire.

    2. Wrap your wire three times around a round object, twist your wire a few times so it doesn't come loose.

    3. Wrap the ends of your wire a few times around your wire circle.

    4. Bent your wire circle in a heart shape.

    5. Wrap the wire ends around your heart shape to give it a bit more strength.

    6. Attach a strand of wire across the heart shape, wrap the ends a few times around the heart and cut the wire.

    7. Attach a second strand of wire.

    8. And a third strand.

    9. Attach a fourth strand.

    10. And attach the last strand. You can attach more strands if you want or if you have a larger scale heart.

    11. Wrap a new piece of wire around the center of your heart with the under-over technique, and cut of the wire when your center is big enough.

    12. Attach a new piece of wire to one of the strands.

    13. Fold the wire to the next strand, wrap it around that strand. Fold it again to the next strand and wrap around.

    14. Continue to do so until you can't go any further.

    15. Attach a new piece of wire, fold the wire to the next strands, wrap it around that strand,.. You get the idea.

    16. Take a round nose pliers (any pliers with fine ends will do), and bend the wires a bit so they look like a cobweb.

    17. Turn around your ornament and put clear nail polish on the ends to secure them, and they aren't as pointy anymore.

    18. Leave it to dry.

    19. Take a can of spray glue and some glitter. Spay the glue on your ornament and add glitter to it. Leave it to dry and then to the other side.

    20. Take a piece of thread and attach it to your ornament so you can hang it on your tree. The End!

    You can make a few of these and hang them on your tree!

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