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Pretty peg dolls
This project is great if you have spare time. It can be fiddly but you should get the knack of making them pretty soon. I went to squires to get my crafty bits but im sure you will be able to get them elsewear. I chose my fabric to add a vintage feel to my dolls but be free to experement with differnt types of material

Posted by Arty Addict from London, United Kingdom • Published See Arty Addict's 7 projects »
  • Step 1

    Get your fabric and measure around the body of the doll. Make a mark onto the fabric of the length and width you want it.

    Cut out the long strip

  • Step 2

    Glue this onto your doll and you now have a top

  • Step 3

    Now get your differnt fabric and measure around the dolls body mark off the length and width again.

    Using your measurments create a skirt shape and cut it out

    - all you are doing is creating a skirt and top so if you want to just cut out the skirt and top without the complecated measurments then feel free ( it still works perfectly fine it is just to be more precise)

  • Step 4

    Optional step: Get a pipe cleaner and rap it around the doll's waist so when you put the skirt on it gives it boyency - picture 2

    Or you can just put the skirt on and ruche it up like in picture 1

  • Step 5

    You can ruche by pusing the material up and then gluing wait until it drys then you can do more

  • Step 6

    Now you have the top and skirt it is time to do the hair
    Use your embroidery thread to create the hair. On picture 1 I used the brown embroidery thread and created a flat oval I stuck this on and then for the bun I scrunched up a small bit of thread into a ball and glued it on. Once dry you can play around with it and add beads

  • Step 7

    I used a black pen to draw the face - 2 dots for eyes, 1 for the mouth

  • Step 8

    Cut a pipecleaner in half and rap it round to create bendy arms which you can ajust.

    Arms are optional (they still look good without)

  • Step 9

    To make a bag you can use the white thread and double it over slide it through the bead, glue the end and ta da you have a bag

  • Step 10

    You can create hair pices,belts or flowers to go on the dresses aswell

  • Step 11

    Your doll is done finally after all the fiddly and fustrating hard work
    but now you have an original piece

    Time may vary between 1 to 2 hours Please exuse any spelling mistakes
    All of my appliences cost a bit less than £20 - they last, I have made 6 with the same materials!

    If you need any pictures,advice,viedos or even if you have any questions comment on my profile or send me a message and i will be happy to help

    __________________________________ Happy making!

    Arty A

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wondlerlady4crafts ..
wondlerlady4crafts ..
Very much a fashion statement.

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