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Personalize your own clock for cheap!
This is a clock with a photo-frame that I made just about from scratch for an anniversary gift. I used an old beaten up clock, but most craft stores carry the kits that include the clock movement and hands.

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  • How to make a clock. Clock Photo Frame - Step 1
    Step 1

    Gather up all your materials first. I used an 8x10" acrylic sheet with a 0.118" thickness, so that it would be more like a proper photo frame. For the backing, I used two pieces of poster board, glued together so it was about 3/4" thick. Cut the poster board so that it is the same dimensions as the Plexiglas.

  • How to make a clock. Clock Photo Frame - Step 2
    Step 2

    Take your clock movement (the black box that holds all the gears for the clock) and make measurements against the poster board.

    At this time, you can also mark the area on the Plexiglas where you will make a small hole to put the piece of the clock movement that actually holds the clock hands (the white piece in the very center). Make sure that this still lines up with the poster board!

  • How to make a clock. Clock Photo Frame - Step 3
    Step 3

    On the poster board, cut out the area where you'll put the clock movement. Also cut out the part where you'll put your picture. I left it as a flap so that I could still have a cover for the back of the picture.

    You also will need to make a hole in the Plexiglas for the clock hands. This part can be tricky, so be careful!!! Acrylic is tough, so it's hard to make the hole, but that also means it won't crack by accident. I heated an iron nail until it was red-hot, and then drove it through the plastic. You can also use an electric hand-drill if you own one.

  • How to make a clock. Clock Photo Frame - Step 4
    Step 4

    First (Optional) Decorating Step!!!

    First, mount the clock face on the poster board. You can either make a face, or you can buy one (I drew one). The first time I did this, I made the mistake of using super glue on thin paper, and it showed through, as you can see, so I recommend double-sided tape.

    You can then use anything you like to decorate the board. Paint, stickers, other pictures, whatever.

    Once you've decorated to your heart's content, mount the Plexiglas on top. This part is a little hard to explain, so bear with me. You'll need to hot glue the edges of both the poster board and the Plexiglas so that the glue doesn't get between the two surfaces, but so that when it dries, you'll have glue boardering the edge of the clock and keeping everything together.

  • How to make a clock. Clock Photo Frame - Step 5
    Step 5

    Once the hot glue dries, put the clock movement in the hole you cut for it in Step 3. Put on the hands, and set the time!

    Second (Optional) Decorating Step!!!

    If you like, you can decorate the top of the Plexiglas, too. I bought some self-adhering fake pearls, which stuck great.

    Voila! Your own personal clock!

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