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Clay Sugar Skulls

Celebrate Day Of The Dead with some sugar skulls you can keep. • Posted by Cat Morley

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    Before you begin you will need some sugar skull moulds. You can buy these online, I got mine on ebay, or check your local supermarket around Halloween time.

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    Tall a ball of polymer clay and push it in to the mould, making sure that it fills the mould completely.

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    Push the skull out and leave to air dry.

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    When the skulls are dry, paint them with a coat of white paint and leave to dry.

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    When the white coat has dried, paint on the rest of the features using bright colours of paint.

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    If you want, you can dust them with a coat of shimmering make-up powder to give them the look of sugar.

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    When they're all dry, decorate your house with them! Happy Day Of The Dead everyone.