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DIY Drop Necklace
If you're into DIY and blogging, you've surely heard of P.S.- I Made This. Her new book P.S. You're Invited is full of crafts for your home and your wardrobe.

The first project I've tackled is the heart drop necklace made with polymer clay. I'm super crushing on burgundy(/oxblood/vamp/what are we calling it this year?) and this necklace is perfect!

Posted by meaghanmae from St Augustine, Florida, United States • Published

  • Step 1

    With your color(s) of choice, roll out the clay to about 1/4 inch thick using your rolling pin. Rolling it out was a little harder than I expected, put some elbow grease in it!

  • Step 2

    Take your cookie cutter, I used a heart shape but you could use a triangle, and cut out 8 hearts/triangles.

  • Step 3

    Lay out your hearts in the design you want them considering how it will hang with natural gravity.

  • Step 4

    With the toothpick poke holes close to the edges, leaving enough space so you will be able to connect the pieces together with jump rings.

  • Step 5

    Bake the clay as recommended on the package.

  • Step 6

    Using your jewelry pliers connect the hearts/triangles together with jump rings once the clay is fully cooled..

  • Step 7

    Using the faux leather cord or a piece of ribbon tie a double knot at the two ends to make your necklace. Voila! Your own homemade drop necklace!

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