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Classy Bow Ties

need some class? add a bow tie! • Posted by Peggals <3

Hopefully my How-To makes enough sense to be able to follow :) haha

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Hopefully my How-To makes enough sense to be able to follow :) haha


  1. Small untitled

    First you'll need a bow tie template.. it should look sort of like this.. you can download them from various sites. i got this one from Google images. you'll need to cut 2 of these

  2. place these two pieces right sides together and sew most of the way around, leaving a 2" gap. iron it flat and turn it out the right way.

  3. hand sew the gap closed, and fold it. how to fold: fold it in half and iron it. fold it flat again, bring the centre back lines into the fold lines and sew.

  4. cut a small rectangle of matching fabric, and fold the raw edges into the middle and iron. wrap this around where you've sewn in the center of the bow tie and sew

  5. now cut a bigger rectangle that will reach comfortably around your neck, thats about 2 inches thick. fold it in half and sew down the length

  6. sew one end of this rectangle to the back of the bow tie, then sew a snap fastener onto that. sew the other half of the snap fastener to the other end of that rectangle.

  7. YAY! you're done!!