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If you use Citra Solv Transfer Method With Little Success- Try this
If you have tried my Citra Solv tut here at CO+K, and didn't get the results you are looking for, try this trick! Reposted from my blog where I'm known as WhyCuzICan.

Posted by Maytag Suzanne from Rock Falls, Illinois, United States • Published See Maytag Suzanne's 19 projects »
  • How to make a misc. Citra Solv: Failure To Success   Don't Give Up - Step 1
    Step 1

    OK, so you might be wondering, (if you read my blog at all), "Does Suzanne ever have a problem at all with her beloved Citra Solv?? Is it always smooth sailing the first try?"

    Answer: Nope.

    But.... nothing I can't work out. You see, we (as in "Citra Solv" and Me) have an understanding... "you play nice with me, and I will adore you forever".

    I had to resort to re-tracing with ultra fine Sharpie marker on the photo copied print and then have it copied AGAIN, in order to make a crisp, and DARKER print to work with. Such as, the "bee" in the center of this print's wings that wouldn't work to transfer well, and lighter lines around edge of plate, etc...see original photo to this post to show how the "fail" and "success" differ.....

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