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Circles In Purple, Pink & Blue Socks

Extract from Sock Art • By Edelgard Janssen and Ute Eismann • Published by Search Press


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Sock Art


Women’s medium/men’s small

Fingering (CYCA #1)
Regia 4-ply (75% wool/25% nylon; 229 yd / 210 m/50 g), Light Gray heather (#1991), 40g, Medium Gray heather (#44) and Dove Blue (#1970), 10 g each
Regia Extra Twist Merino (75% wool/25% nylon; 229 yd / 210 m/50 g), Rose (#9351), 10 g
Lana Grossa Meilenweit 50 (80% wool/20% nylon; 230 yd / 210 m/50 g), Purple (#1336), 20 g

Needles: Set of 5 dpn U.S. size 0 (2 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

30 sts and 41½ rnds = 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm) over Charted Pattern


All rnds: (K2, p2) around.

Garter Stitch
Working back and forth, knit every row.

The charted pattern is worked in St st in the round. Each square represents one stitch and each row in the chart represents one round or row of knitting. When changing colors, strand the unused yarn loosely on the back of the work, making sure the tension remains even. To avoid long floats, twist the working yarns around each other after every 2 to 3 stitches. Chart has a repeat of 16 sts and 62 rnds.

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© 2022 Edelgard Janssen / Search Press · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    With Light Gray, CO 64 sts. Divide sts evenly on 4 dpns and join to work in the round, being careful not to twist sts.

  • Step 2

    Work 24 rnds (approx 2 in / 5 cm) in St st. Then, work 2 rnds in garter stitch.

  • Step 3

    Begin working Chart, working 4 repeats of 16 sts around. The end of the rnd is between needles 1 and 4. Work all 62 rnds of Chart (approx 6 in / 15 cm).

  • Step 4

    With Light Gray, work the heel back and forth over the 32 sts on needles 1 and 4 as follows:
    Work the first and last 4 sts of each row in garter st, and the middle 24 sts in St st. Work in patt as est until 26 rows have been completed (approx 2¼ in / 5.5 cm).

  • Step 5

    With Light Gray, follow basic instructions for turning a Dutch heel, working until decreases are made with the 2 sts before and after the center 10 sts—12 sts rem in heel.

  • Step 6

    Continuing with Light Gray, return to knitting in the round, picking up and knitting 13 sts along each side of the heel flap plus 1 extra st on each side between the heel and the instep sts. Needles 2 and 3 have 16 sts each, and needles 1 and 4 now have 20 sts each—72 sts total. The end of the rnd is between needles 1 and 4.
    Work in St st and stripes (2 rnds in Light Gray, 3 rnds in Medium Gray heather, and 6 rnds in Purple), then begin working Chart Pattern beginning on row 22. At the same time, decrease for instep as follows:
    Knit 2 rnds.
    Dec rnd: Knit to last 3 sts on ndl 1, k2tog, k1; knit across needles 2 and 3; on ndl 4, k1, ssk, knit to end of rnd.
    Repeat dec rnd every 3rd rnd 3 times—64 sts rem.

  • Step 7

    Work 41 rnds in Charted Pattern, ending with row 62 (approx 4 in / 10 cm).
    With Light Gray, knit 2 rnds.

  • Step 8

    With Purple work in St st.
    Rnd 1: Knit.
    Dec rnd: *Knit to last 3 sts on ndl 1, k2tog, k1; on ndl 2, k1, ssk, knit to end of needle; rep from * on needles 3 and 4.
    Repeat dec rnd every 3rd rnd twice, then every other rnd twice, then every rnd 8 times—12 sts rem.

  • Step 9

    Break the yarn and run the tail through the remaining sts. Pull gently to fasten off. Weave in ends neatly on WS.

    Make a second sock the same way.

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