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Cuddle up with your favorite smoke!
My boyfriend is an avid smoker, so I decided to make him a cute body pillow to cuddle with when I'm not with him for our anniversary. His "brand" is Kool menthol cigarettes, so that is what I made the pillow represent.

Posted by Amber from Independence, Missouri, United States • Published See Amber's 5 projects »
  • Step 1

    Like any sewing project, you have to measure twice, cut once. If you have any cylinder shaped body pillows, measure the circumference of it (in easier terms, use a tape measure and measure around the outside of the pillow). If you don't have a body pillow handy, make it the thickness you desire.

  • Step 2

    You can get flat foam at any craft store, so utilize it! Roll up some 2 inch thick flat foam to the thickness of the pillow you would like. (HINT: Make sure the foam is long enough for it to be a BODY pillow). When you have your foam rolled tightly, tie some string around it(best if it's thin).

  • Step 3

    After you have secured your foam, measure the length and perimeter of your "pillow". The filter can be orange or white depending what type of cigarette you are making. The "paper" is generally white (feel free to be creative on the colors, though). Measure out your fabric in the measurements of your rolled foam.

  • Step 4

    Once you have your pattern measured and cut, pin it together. The filter is about 1/4 of the cigarette. Sew the "filter" and "paper" together first.

  • Step 5

    After you have your "filter" and "paper" put together, it's time for the hard part...The ends. I chose to hand sew the ends on because, after all, it is a cigarette, and it doesn't have to be flawless. Measure out the length and width of the ends of your foam (circle on both ends). Cut out a circle of red felt for the "cherry" and another white circle of the end of the cigarette.

  • Step 6

    When you are done with sewing the ends on, it's time to look up some logos! Whether your favorite brand is Marlboro, Camel, Kools, or Raves, you get to choose. Look at the logo on your cigarette the next time you light up. Remember which way the writing is facing. I embroidered the Kool logo on, but sharpie works just as well.

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aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
OMG, its on the to do list...my boyfriend is a super avid smoker too, and I always miss snuggling when hes gone...this would be perfect actually. As sad as that sounds, I know. I was gonna make one for him, but he didn't want one...cause he's lame and doesn't enjoy huge pillows like normal people.
quinn <3
quinn <3 · 11 projects
Smoking is terrible...
Amber · Independence, Missouri, US · 5 projects
If I quit, I can use it inside if a bass drum for a muffler. (:
Twizzy · Brighton, Michigan, US · 18 projects
What if you decide to quit smoking? lol Thats what i would be thinking.
Amber · Independence, Missouri, US · 5 projects
Thank you! My boyfriend loved it. (And, no. This is one cigarette that isn't harmful.)
Kiki · Canada, CA · 6 projects
Very clever!
Brooks Z.
Brooks Z. · Madison, Wisconsin, US · 74 projects
Liddlehopper · Antwerp, Ohio, US · 21 projects
Neat idea! Hopefully cuddling with this doesn't give him lung cancer...Happy
Van · 48 projects
Pretty neat.

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