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Chocolate Mousse W/ Biscuit

delicious chocolate mousse with marie biscuit • Posted by Rose Construction

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    First you start with the chocolate mousse, I usually buy mine at the store its faster and easier. Add cold milk (usually 250ml) to the chocolate mousse powder and mix it on max power for 3 min.

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    Then you need a cup of coffee, I use instant coffee its enogh to give the biscuit the coffee flavour.

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    Dip the full marie biscuit in the coffee cup and start making the 1st biscuit layer. You must dip and spread the biscuit fast on your base cause the biscuit after soaked will fastly dissolve.

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    Make your 1st layer of biscuits and then cover it up with a layer of chocolate mousse.

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    keeping making the layers you want till you end up with an chocolate mousse layer.

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    When your done, put the chocolate mousse in the fridge for 1 to 2h.

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    Enjoy ;)