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Chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two cookies – what more do you need from life?! Kids love cucciolone, and in my experience they really enjoy getting involved in making them too. You can use any cookies you like for cucciolone. Here I used choc chip cookies, which worked very well. I’ve also tried the same recipe with peanut and caramel cookies and it was delicious.

Makes 12

Posted by Hodder & Stoughton Published See Hodder & Stoughton's 34 projects » © 2022 Gino D'Acampo / Hodder & Stoughton · Reproduced with permission. · Recipes extracted from Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape by Gino D’Acampo, published by Hodder & Stoughton out, £20. Photography by Dan Jones
  • Step 1

    Put the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla in a medium heatproof bowl and set the bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Ensure the base of the bowl is not touching the water. Stir with a balloon whisk for about 5 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is pale, thick and creamy. Remove from the heat and gently fold in the chocolate spread in 3 stages. Leave to cool completely.

  • Step 2

    Pour the cream into a medium bowl and whisk until thick enough to just hold its shape and form soft peaks. Gently fold the cream into the cooled mixture in 3 stages.

  • Step 3

    Spoon the mixture into a 1-litre rigid freezerproof container. Cover with a lid or cling film and place in the freezer overnight to set.

  • Step 4

    Remove the ice cream from the freezer 5 minutes before you are ready to serve. Arrange 12 cookies on a work surface, with the flat side facing upwards.

  • Step 5

    Place a scoop of ice cream on each cookie then top each with a cookie placed flat-side down to make a sandwich. Gently press the top cookie to spread out the filling. Using a palette knife, smooth the side of the filled cookies.

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