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My first foray into keto fat bombs...
I wanted to make a bigger batch of some chocolate fat bombs, but most of the recipes I found used things like xylitol, that can be very toxic to pets - and that many people can't find. I decided to try to do one that was simpler, with more commonly found ingredients. This one came together easily, and is pretty good - but I'll keep playing with it, until it's perfect. In the meantime, this one is *very* low carb, rich, satisfying, and chocolatey!

The cream cheese, butter, cacao butter, & cacao are all measured by weight, not volume. This recipe can be halved, sweetened to your taste, with your choice of sweetener, and nuts, seeds, or stevia - sweetened chocolate chips can all be added, as you like. This batch, with chopped pecans added, made 30 - 1oz fat bombs... but, I don't know how long they will keep, because the two of us scarfed 'em all up, in less than a week!

Posted by Carla B. from Gravois Mills, Missouri, United States • Published
  • How to make a dessert / sweet.  Chocolate Fluff Fat Bombs (Keto) - Step 1
    Step 1

    Collect & measure all your ingredients, and allow to come to room temperature, and melt the cacao butter. I did it in the microwave(&I hate the microwave!).

  • How to make a dessert / sweet.  Chocolate Fluff Fat Bombs (Keto) - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cream together the butter and cream cheese, and gradually drizzle in the melted cacao butter, til it's all combined and fluffy. It will start out looking almost cuddled, but don't worry, this is why a stand mixer is better, even though you can use a hand mixer. It will take several minutes, for it to get fluffy again, after you add the cacao butter.

  • How to make a dessert / sweet.  Chocolate Fluff Fat Bombs (Keto) - Step 3
    Step 3

    Combine and mix the dry ingredients, and gradually stir into the fluff. Stir in nuts, if you like. Lay waxed paper on a large cookie sheet or pan, and wet the scoop (or spoon). Scoop up balls of the fluff and set on the waxed paper, with just a little space between them. Put them in the fridge, until solid. Store in a sealed container, in the refrigerator.

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Kitty · Okotoks, Alberta, CA · 18 projects
These look delish! Although I can't stand that stevia aftertaste. Can you taste that with these?
Carla B.
Carla B. · Gravois Mills, Missouri, US · 1 project
Hi Kitty!
I only used the stevia because I'm trying hard to cut back on the artificial sweeteners - it's one of the reasons I'm going to be updating this, as I experiment. Tonight, I plan to try doing it with unsweetened chocolate, rather than the unsweetened cocoa. Since you're asking about the stevia - yeh - it's really NOT a sugar taste, lol. I think it does have a bit of an aftertaste, but this specific one doesn't seem as pronounced as other stevia brands&forms I've tried, and it definitely cuts the sugar grams down (which is a big part of why I'm using fat bombs). I do plan on trying it with monkfruit, soon- it's supposed to be free of sugars, and no chemical aftertaste, because it's part of plant. I'll be sure to post that result, as soon as I try it. Cooking
I hope this helps...
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