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Chocolate Covered Peeps

Yummy :d • Posted by Jade M.

Fun desert for parties or holidays(:

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Medium chocolate covered peeps 004 Medium chocolate covered peeps 001


Fun desert for parties or holidays(:


  1. Small chocolate covered peeps 002

    Once you have all the materials take the meltable chocolates and pour half the bag in the bowl.

  2. Small chocolate covered peeps 003

    Put it in the micorwave for one minute.

  3. Small chocolate covered peeps 005

    Take it out and stir, if it isn't all the way melted put it back in for about 50 seconds. I decided to add some more before sticking it in the micorwave.

  4. Small chocolate covered peeps 006

    Take a skewer and poke it threw the bunny and put it into the chocolate. Use the spoon to help cover the bunny in chocolate.

  5. Small chocolate covered peeps 008

    Put the bunny on the tin foiled pan. You can see the hole from the skewer in my bunny so I just covered it up with some more chocolate.

  6. Small chocolate covered peeps 009

    Keep going!!(: You can put sprinkles over the bunnies while there not dried for decoration. Then put them in the fridge for about an hour or two. Then there done!(: Enjoy Xoxo