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My cutesy version of a classic character.
This is a costume I made for Halloween 2010. I had only a few days to actually throw it together. Just starting to add to my account and wanted to put some projects up so I'm not a complete leach in this community. :P

Quick rundown:

Since I live in a small town and there is (currently) nowhere to get yards of fabric, I ended up using an XL yellow fluffy bathrobe (which worked GREAT!). I wanted to add straps but didn't have the time and I was inspired by this video to make the bottom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2ntDIHHz6E

Chocobo Hat/ Face -
I found a stuffed animal (a little squirrel) with similar style eyes to what I was looking for and used a seam ripper to take them off then used the brownish fabric from the atuffed animal to make the beak. I sewed the eyes and beak onto a yellow knitted headband I found at goodwill - allowing me to replicate a Chocobo hat.

Tail - I used a wire hangar and bent it in the shape I wanted, cut the excess with wire cutters, covered it with a pair of old nylons then tied off the end and used the waistband from the tights to tie around my waist. Made a small hole through the back, fed the waistband through, and safety pinned the tail up secretly.

Legs & Feet - Wore burnt orange tights and a pair of ankle boots I borrowed from a friend.

SO FUN TO WEAR!! I will work on a better how-to if anyone is interested.

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