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Cheap and easy way to spruce up your shorts!
I went shopping for shorts this summer for next school year and loved all of the fun patterns that I saw in the stores. The problem: my school has a dress code and all of the awesome shorts were too short, so I could only find basic denim shorts. The solution: design my own. I then started some research on bleaching shorts and found some cool websites. This is my take on this method!

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  • How to decorate a pair of painted shorts. Chevron Denim Shorts - Step 1
    Step 1

    DETERMINE PATTERN. The websites i found suggested not to use intricate designs and so I went for a striped pattern. I loved some chevron print shorts that I found online and decided to do that. Because it was my first time, I only did one half of the front and ended up keeping it that way.

  • Step 2

    TAPE OFF PATTERN. Using my tape, I created a pattern on my shorts. I made the gap between each "V" about the same width as the tape. But it would vary based on your tape. Make sure to press firmly. You can try other types of tape if you want. You can also use a ruler and fabric chalk to mark a neater pattern, but I free-handed it.

  • Step 3

    PREPARE BLEACH AND/OR VINEGAR. Put on your gloves and mask. Pour some bleach into a container. I suggest a smaller one so that you don't have too much sitting around that you can breath in. In a separate container, mix equal parts vinegar and water. The vinegar is to stop the bleaching process and is optional because I don't think it is really necessary. Laundering it by it self is sufficient. But if you are worried, you can put it in vinegar first.

  • Step 4

    BLEACH SHORTS. Dip your brush in the bleach and brush it on. Try to make your coats as even as possible and make sure to get it into all the nooks and crannies. When you get to the edge of a tape, I suggest you brush away from the tape and toward the exposed denim. This will prevent bleeding.

  • Step 5

    LEAVE IT TO SET AND RE-BLEACH IF NEEDED. Let it sit about 30-60 min and then check. if it isn't bleached enough for you, add more bleach. I had to re-bleach mine several times because the shorts were new and good quality and I wanted it to be as white as possible.

  • Step 6

    RINSE. When your shorts are white enough, soak them in the vinegar or rinse them thoroughly. I would suggest about 5 min for both vinegar and rinse or just 5 min for rinse.

  • Step 7

    LAUNDER. Toss them in the laundry machine and run a regular cycle. I suggest you do them by themselves, but if you used vinegar, it isn't such a problem.

  • Step 8

    DRY AND WEAR! let them dry or put them in the dryer and wear them!

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