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Based on Cheeseburger Cupcakes by Gretchen F.
I took white vanilla frosting and mixed my own colors with food coloring. Then I placed the colors in their respective ziploc sandwich bags, cut off the tip and squeezed away! I also used leftover white frosting in a ziploc cut to a tiny hole for the "sesame seeds" because I didn't want actual sesame seeds on my dessert!

TIP: When cutting the tip of a ziplock, start tiny and work your way up. You can always make the hole bigger, but not smaller!

Also, I used brownie for the center instead of chocolate cake, as is mentioned on Bakerella.com

Posted by Not Your Average Hooker from Manchester, New Hampshire, United States • Published See Not Your Average Hooker's 2 projects »


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Not Your Average Hooker
Not Your Average Hooker · Manchester, New Hampshire, US · 2 projects
I think the brownie was an added bonus. It's more fudgey and delicious than a chocolate cupcake. Happy
Emily G.
Emily G. · 3 projects
These look so cute!! Do you think they taste better with the brownie than with a chocolate cupcake? I'm really tempted to make these for my birthday party lol Happy
Not Your Average Hooker
Not Your Average Hooker · Manchester, New Hampshire, US · 2 projects
I actually used a greased cup, because I couldn't find a cookie cutter! But I would recommend a biscuit cutter/cookie cutter Happy
Gretchen F.
Gretchen F. · Minneapolis, Minnesota, US · 14 projects
Ooooh...brownie...good idea! I'll have to try that next time. Did you have a round cookie cutter or did you put brownie batter in the cupcake tins? They look yummy! Happy

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