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at least the dog eats well!
There are many ingredients in dog food & treats that are not listed. These include additives and preservatives that aren't the best thing for dogs, or humans! This is a great way to pamper your pooch and you know exactly what's gone into these treats.

I had a think about what my dog would like and what is suitible for dogs to eat. She loves cheese! and parsley & carrot are healthy.

There are a lot of possibilities with this! However make sure any meat you use has no bones in it, be aware that grapes and chocolate are incredibly toxic to dogs and there are a number of plants that are also toxic to dogs. Try to use low fat milk & butter and steer clear of salt & sugar. Wheat flour is not the best thing to use either but we had no cornflour and I couldn't find rice or gram flour in any shops. Please use your head. Please don't over feed your pets.

The recipe is very 'throw together' so have fun with it!

Posted by queenfairypants from Manchester, England, United Kingdom • Published See queenfairypants's 75 projects »

  • Step 1

    Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.

    Mix the flour, grated cheese, carrot & parsley in a bowl.

  • Step 2

    Mix in the butter.

  • Step 3

    Add the milk in small amounts until the mixture becomes a dough. Add more flour if needed.

  • Step 4

    Cover a worktop & rolling pin with flour.

  • Step 5

    Roll out the dough to 1/4 of an inch thick and cut into shapes.

  • Step 6

    Place onto a lightly greased baking tray or cover the tray with grease-proof paper.

  • Step 7

    Bake for 15 - 20 mins at 180 degrees.

  • Step 8

    Allow to cool & harden. Keep them fresh in a fridge or tin.



MorgandyJovana · Summertown, South Australia, AU
Just made this recipe and they smell so good.
I tweeked it a bit, to suit what I wanted. I used about a teaspoon of milk in water instead of just milk and I used the plain flour at first. When I needed to make it thicker, I used self raising flour. I also added a cup of zuchini, as it's supposed to be really good for dogs.
So fingers crossed they like it Happy

Thank you
stichripr6 · 18 projects
my dogs actualy loved these!!! im surprised
queenfairypants · Manchester, England, GB · 75 projects
Some dogs are fussy, some aren't food orientated. Was the food warm that he had because sometimes it makes it a little more interesting but its not so practical for training. A lot of what is in pet stores is there to make money so wont be the most nutritional or interesting for some dogs - dogs are all about smell rather than taste. Will he eat little bits of cheese at all? they make perfect training treats, in small amounts it doesnt do any harm. He sounds like he may be quite small, if he's only got a small stomach he won't be into eating lots but most dogs will eat when given the chance as they are by nature scavengers. 'Coachies' dog treats are small, have no rubbish in them and are only 1 calorie per treat too but I don't know if they have those in the states. Hope that helps x
CatAnne · 1 project
I just was given a new puppy, and I love him VERY much, but I'm worried. I went to Petsmart, and bought some treats, but he doesn't eat them. Our other dog does. I thought I'll try some deli meats/chicken. He liked the cooked leftover chicken, but not deli meat. My father tried to feed him Pork, and he didn't touch it. He did however eat egg and sausage. I want to try these, but I can't keep spending money on foods he wont eat. I'm trying to train him. I need something as a reward, and I want it to be healthy. Some of those treats, are pure sugar, or by product. He's a Brusschi(I think) I'll try these when I get the chance, but if you have any advise that would be great.
queenfairypants · Manchester, England, GB · 75 projects
* when i say good and bad i mean about good and bad things not good and bad advice hahaha! you knew that i was just making sure! x
queenfairypants · Manchester, England, GB · 75 projects
thanks! I'm a dog groomer/trainer so part of the job is giving pet owners advice, good and bad. There are so many myths out there! To me these were a bit tasteless and didn't smell of much either, but it would be a lot stronger to a dog. I was aiming for crunchy but they were soft. Dogs are all about smell, make it really smelly and they will love them. And again there's no additives etc in them, but if you can get gram or rice flour that would be better. The meat they use in dog food is suitible for human consumption, but we wouldnt want to eat those parts (depending on the brand) x
Eien · Conyers, Georgia, US · 3 projects
Mmm cheese biscuits sound like a great treat for pooches. Heck it sounds good for humans
Serpentira · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 3 projects
Also, good on you for listing some of the things that you should avoid feeding your dog. Sometimes people forget that just because it's edible for us, it doesn't mean it's edible for them. Thanks for the recipe. Happy Something tells me you have one very happy dog.
Serpentira · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 3 projects
The nice thing about these is that as a human there's nothing there that you would hesitate to eat yourself, so it's not going to be a worry if any children deside to eat them. Happy (My dad used to make dog biscuits when my siblings and I were younger and I think we nearly ate about as many as the dog did. lol)
Sugarlishes · Fort Hood, Texas, US · 136 projects
oooh gotta try these for my doggies Happy

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