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do your own lightbox using a box, a picture frame and a LED torch
Hi everybody,
I've just finished to realize my cheap light box for tracing and it works great!
The project is very simple and cheap, I bought almost all material from Ikea, but you can use an old shoebox or whatever you want.
My lightbox is quite small, suitable for A5 or A4 sheets but you can do your own bigger and bigger than mine!
For this project I spent 13 euros.
I hope you like it... so let's begin!
(forgive my english, I'm italian...)

Posted by Luna V. Published
  • How to make a light box. Cheap Light Box For Tracing - Step 1
    Step 1

    Start pasting the aluminium foil inside the box, on all walls, using vinyl glue.
    Then wait for drying.
    The foil will amplify the light.

    In the meanwhile remove the cardboard from the picture frame, so youll'have only the frame and the piece of glass.
    (I pasted the glass to the frame so it is more solid)

  • How to make a light box. Cheap Light Box For Tracing - Step 2
    Step 2

    Now put the torch in the center of the box.
    Attention! Use only LED torch or neon lamps, the light source should not emit too much heat or the glass will break!

  • How to make a light box. Cheap Light Box For Tracing - Step 3
    Step 3

    Turn on the light, put the picture frame on the edge of the box, and here we are!
    You can now start tracing.
    Have fun!

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Luna V.
Luna V. · 2 projects
I'm glad you liked it, it's so simple and useful! happy crafting (and tattooing!) Happy
kittybadass5 c.
kittybadass5 c. · 19 projects
I am going to make one too!
Bloo Rayne
Bloo Rayne · Shelton, Connecticut, US · 79 projects
im defiantly doing this i needed one of these for my tattooing.
Death or Plumbing!
Death or Plumbing! · 1 project
Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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