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Because sometimes your Ipod is too sweet.
Ok I confess, I like sugary sweets and I'm always looking for ways to use the wrappers that collect over time. But I had a tid bit of a problem, my ipod. I love it but can't find good ipod cases for it since many cater to ipod nanos,shuffles and iphone/touch. I have a 120 ipod classic and I could go on ebay and buy a case/sleeve/skin/jacket/ whatever but how can I be sure it'll fit my ipod? Thats where the candy/sweet wrappers come in. A majority of candy wrappers are wide and big enough for my ipod. So I made 3 versions of it. One with 2 packs of yoghurt flavoured raisins my nephew was about to throw in the trash and one from a pack of gummy beans i found under my bed (shame on me D: ) No real work was done to it,just cut and taped together some things. Also if you don't wanna be accused of stealing the candy,decorate the packages. I made that mistake once with the spongebob raisins and almost had the store lady take away my ipod *screams* First pic is a dollar store ipod that I just drapped the wrapper over the bottom part and taped to the back. Second pic,is my ipod inside of a gummy bear package.it stays on my desk to keep from getting scratched or dirty. Third pic,is 2 packages of raisin that i draped over each other on my ipod. I also have a popcorn wrapper that looks like that. Fourth pic,is my dollar store ipod case,it protects but its not very pretty =/
the concept of candy covers also came from flickr although I dont think the person has a website.

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