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Cheap Halloween Party Invites!

cheap and easy way to make an impact • Posted by Rhonda B.

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


2 h 30


Pretty Easy
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  1. First write up what you want the invites to say on the computer.Also type out the guests names and address.

  2. second print out the invites and guest names.

  3. third, soak the invites and envelopes in old coffee and then bake them in the oven at 200F for about a minute each.

  4. burn the edges of the paper and splatter a mixture of red paint and water on the invites and glue the address labels on the envelopes.

  5. for a final touch i bout some wedding boxes at the dollar tree 10 for $1 and covered them in bloody gauze also from dollar tree and then i filled them with spanish moss (DT)and put rubber body parts on top 8 for $1 and i am done! hope you like them1