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Chapstick Necklace

Necklace cosy for chapstick. • Posted by princesse X.

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  1. Small 12623

    thread a stopper bead ,by going through it twice, this is to prevent beads from slipping and can be removed after 2 or 3 rounds

  2. Small 12640

    string beads mutiples of 3 making acircle slightly bigger than the diameter of your chap stick

  3. Small 12641

    tie yout thread,and thread the needle through first bead, now put three beads on your needle skip 2 beads and go through the third of previous round

  4. Small 12642

    again go through last beadin round one then in first and secound bead in round two. string 3 beads and go through secound bead of next three beads

  5. Small 12643

    continue repeating step 4 to disered hight to close the buttom continue in the same manner but string only one bead instead of three

  6. Small 12644

    now add a bead each time and go through any other bead according to your estimation till buttom is closed

  7. weave thread knotting it randoly in between beads to secure thread then cut now thread you needle with new long thread and weavr to secure from side buttom to top

  8. Small 12646

    string enough beads for the necklace to go around your neck, secure thread by weaving through few bead on the opposit side and back. pass thread again through the string of bead to strengthen the necklace. weave thread and secure.