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Chained Pearl Bracelet

Chains, pearls and ribbons make <3 • Posted by bunnytan

I was wondering what to do with extra stuff lying around :D

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I was wondering what to do with extra stuff lying around :D


  1. Small dscf2002 1281137100

    String your pearl beads using nylon or thread.

  2. Small dscf2003 1281138204

    Slip the medium-sized chain's end to one end of the string.

  3. Small dscf2005 1281138258

    Verify how long you want your chain to be, and slip the chain link to the other end of your bracelet. You can do this several times. :) Cut the excess chain.

  4. Small dscf2007 1281138516

    Next, slip the smaller chain's end to one end of the bracelet. Do the same as step 3.

  5. Small dscf2010 1281138578

    It should look like this when done.

  6. Small dscf2013 1281138832

    Next, tie a somewhat sturdy knot on each end.

  7. Small dscf2015 1281138779

    On one side, gather all the chain ends and secure with a jumpring (in my case, a chainlink because I didn't have a jumpring at that time XD). Do this also on the other side.

  8. Small dscf2016 1281138800

    It should look like this.

  9. Small dscf2017 1281138717

    Next, slip a 4-inch long ribbon through both jumprings. Burn the ends of the ribbon so they won't fray.

  10. Small dscf2019 1281139328

    Then tie it whatever way you like and wear it :D