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Crisp orange with a hint of vanilla.
I love doing everything the old fashioned way, it seems everything works and tastes better that way.
This is my first batch of long mead under my gamertag, "Chaemae." From start to finish, it took just over two months to complete.

Mead is a white wine made with honey instead of fruit and sugar. I added orange into mine because honey and orange compliment each other. My next batch will be plain honey, and after that, I plan on making a spiced mead with clove, ginger, and cinnamon. I used clover honey for this batch, but will be using locally-made wildflower honey for all of my future batches.

The alcohol percentage using the recipe I modified is just over 10%.

The fermenting equipment and bottles cost me about $120, and the actual ingredients were around $80; my mom sent me wine yeast, corks, and a corker as a gift (so that's probably another $40 there). All in all, a $200+ adventure to make 26 bottles of honey wine. I still need to get the PVC shrink caps to finish off the look, but I'm just happy that the labels came out as well as they did.

I used an apothecary label but modified its size drastically, and formatted the rest of the label by myself as well. A start-to-finish DIY project!

This is the kind of wine that will last 50-100 years and keep maturing in flavor. It should reach its peak flavor a year or so from now, but it tastes great already.

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