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CD Calendar...cute decorating idea.
I have one of those bed that dont have a headboard and since i have no paintings big enough to fill the space i started thinking about what i could put up there...i noticed i didnt have a calendar in my room n thought i'd kill 2 birds with one stone...THIS IS WHAT I CAME UP WITH.

This project is pretty straight forward but in case you guys need any help this is how i did it...

Posted by M.a.r.i.s.o.l. from Los Angeles, California, United States • Published See M.a.r.i.s.o.l.'s 15 projects »
  • How to make a calendar. Cd Jewel Case Calendar!!! - Step 1
    Step 1

    First off you want to Print out the numbers from 1-31 big enough for each of the numbers to fit individually on a CD case. You can use Microsoft word or the Paint Program. Be creative and add a boarder or the font of your choice. You may need to print a couple of them before you get the perfect size.

    After you’re satisfied with the font size and design print them out and cut them to fit the CD jewel case. If the CD already has a cover inside you can use that as a reference so you know how big to cut it so it’ll fit snuggly inside the CD jewel case

  • Step 2

    Then print out a banner for each of the months of the year and a separate one with all the days of the week. If you want them to last longer getting it laminated would be a great idea.

  • Step 3

    Using your leveler and a pencil mark your wall where the calendar is to be hung so your calendar wont come out all crooked like mine..lol

  • Step 4

    Using double sided tape place a small piece of tape on each corner of the back of each CD case and place them in their corresponding places on the wall.

  • Step 5

    Now tape the month on the top center of your calendar and clean up any pencil marks that may be visible.

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Leslie J.
Leslie J.
This is neat! Happy

And you probably have already thought of this...but you can put random CDs, DVDs, home movie DVDs, etc. into the cases (flipped over for a surprise), shuffle them and then put the numbers in. So like everyday you'll have something to watch or listen to or something. Like one random Tuesday you would watch some old family memory or something.

Or you could also fill them up with goals or quotes for the day...but that might work better if a friend or someone else typed them up for you so it would be more of a surprise. :3

...I dunno. xD
Chickbea · Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
That's very resourceful! Also, you could put different Birthdays, Important Plans/Schedules in each case for that day.
M.a.r.i.s.o.l. · Los Angeles, California, US · 15 projects
= blah really? my inspiration was an old cd case calendar i had like this one:


boo & here i thought i was being original.

CO + K User

Wasnt this project published in a book? It was in teen magazine or something? Yours is cute thought too ;D
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
thats pretty cool
karen w.
karen w.
Too cute.

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