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The Natural Cook
These are sumptuous and simple to make. They serve parathas for breakfast in India with yogurt and pickled vegetables or mango chutney and I suggest you do the same. Excellent on a cold day. Makes 6 breads.

Posted by Quadrille Published See Quadrille's 56 projects » © 2020 Tom Hunt / Quadrille · Reproduced with permission. · The Natural Cook by Tom Hunt (Quadrille, £20). Photography by Laura Edwards
  • Step 1

    Raw cauliflower ‘rice’

    A nice way to eat raw cauliflower, this transforms the crunchy florets into a lovely salad. This technique also works well with
    carrots. Serves 2–4 as a side salad.

    Pull the leaves from the cauliflower and finely chop the most tender of them along with the mint. (Compost the thicker leaves.) Break the cauliflower into small florets and cut the stalk into pieces (peel it only if the skin is tough). Blend the cauliflower, in batches, to a fine ricelike consistency. Dress with the lemon juice and extra virgin oil, then season with the cumin and some salt and stir in the chopped leaves. Serve as part of a lunch or meze, with flatbread and other vegetable salads.

  • Step 2

    Cauliflower Stuffed Parathas

    Mix together the flours, extra virgin oil, 1 tsp salt and
    125ml water and knead into a dough. Cover and set
    aside for 20 minutes to rest.

  • Step 3

    Split the dough into six balls. Place some wholemeal
    flour in a bowl, then dip a ball of dough into the flour
    and roll it around so it is covered in flour. Roll the
    dough to an 8cm-ish disc. Place 1 heaped tbsp Raw
    cauliflower ‘rice’ in the middle and bring the sides of
    the dough up around the cauliflower. Seal closed by
    pressing the dough together once again, creating a
    dough ball. Dip again in the flour, covering the ball,
    then roll out to about 15cm; don’t worry if some of the
    filling breaks through. Dust with flour once more and
    set aside while you stuff and roll out the rest.

  • Step 4

    Heat a heavy-based frying pan over a medium heat.
    Add a touch of butter, then gently cook a paratha on
    one side for a few minutes until browned. Flip and
    cook the other side, too. Keep warm while you cook the
    rest, then serve immediately.

  • Step 5

    The cauliflower ‘rice’ will keep in a sealed
    container in the fridge for three days. Make and eat
    the parathas straight away for best results, but they
    will also keep in the fridge for three days. Reheat them,
    wrapped in foil, in an oven preheated to 180°C/350°F/
    gas mark 4, for five to 10 minutes.

    Cook natural:
    Try raw food sushi. Make vegan nori
    rolls using Raw cauliflower ‘rice’ as the filling. (Check
    out rolling techniques on YouTube.) Lay a sheet of nori
    on a work top and press on a 5mm layer of cauliflower
    rice, leaving a border of nori at each end. Lay a thin line
    of your chosen filling from left to right along the middle:
    I like to use home-sprouted beans (see page 126) with
    a sprinkle of seeds and batons of raw artichoke heart,
    all dressed with a squeeze of lemon juice, but feel free
    to experiment with different raw veggies. Roll the sushi
    like a cigar, wetting the nori at one end to seal it. Cut into
    bite-sized pieces and serve with soy sauce or tamari and
    a dab of wasabi.

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