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Kitty looked like he wanted a hammock, and kitty always gets what he wants ;)
I kept seeing those cat hammocks, and I was like, I bet my cats would love that. So then I was like, waste a ton of money, or make a better one myself, hmm, tough decision....

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  • How to make a pet bed. Cat Hammock You Say.... - Step 1
    Step 1

    SO first gather your materials. Iron out your pillow case if needed. OK so first, take your dowels, or bamboo rods as I had to and put out all the way in the bottom of the pillow case and one at the top. I kept the top one up with tape, ha ha, I am kinda lazy, for extra support you can sew them in. Next, fold your pillow case "lip" inward and fabric glue, or sew for not lazy people, shut. Press it down if glued, and let it dry.

  • Step 2

    Next, make spots on the corners of your pillow case so you kind of have an outline of where you will be cutting. Try to make it kind of even if you can ;) Once you have them where you like them, pinch a bit of fabric up, not to much, enough so your spot is right in the middle, snip it so there is a hole, maybe an inch around, through both layers of fabric, you are almost done now :)

  • Step 3

    Now, you will have to do some measuring. Since I was hanging my hammock in my closet I needed kind of a lot of bull line since they hammock had to be low enough for them to hop, not launch themselves into, to the ground. It depends on how low and where you are hanging yours now. So measure from ceiling to almost floor of where you are hanging it, and leave room for thick knots. Remember to cut four of these :)

  • Step 4

    Once you have four strings, you can tie them onto your pillow case. You can tie to the case, which is what I did or tie to the string itself with uber thick knots, your choice. Make sure you do it about 4 times, nice and tight, especially if you have a hefty-cat :) So now you are pretty much done, if you can to make it easier to hang and a bit more hammock like, you can take binder rings or d-rings and tie your 2 sides of string at a time together and then that to the ring. The binder ring will make it easier to hook-to things and easier to store/move :)

  • How to make a pet bed. Cat Hammock You Say.... - Step 5
    Step 5

    Last step: Pick up cat, place cat in hammock, wait for cat to get comfy, wait for cat to purr, happy cat :) PS> Sorry for the large duck ;)

    PSS> I hart comments :)

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Beccasaurus · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 8 projects
So CUTE!! I need to try this for my cat.
Your cat looks so relaxed haha Happy
luriiam · Tucson, Arizona, US
Spoiled kitty!! hahaha but this is soooo cute hahha :3 i love it!
HotPinkCrayola · Holmfirth, England, GB · 97 projects
Never apologise for the large duck. Rubber ducks of any size are AWESOME. Happy

This is very nice - bet my cat would love one if I had anywhere to hang it.
Beccasaurus · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 8 projects
That's so cute!!
Supernova's Child
Supernova's Child · Lisbon, Lisbon, PT · 98 projects
Your cat looks so happy... Happy
Olivia H.
Olivia H. · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 32 projects
Your cat sure looks like he enjoys it!