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Audrey Kitching Cat Fascinator

Crafter To The Stars: Audrey Kitching. Sew the purrfect sequinned cat fascinator! • Posted by Cat Morley

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For this week's Crafter To The Stars I'm making a sequinned cat fascinator for model, designer and style icon Audrey Kitching. You can find out what Audrey thought about it and read an interview with her on my blog.

Audrey loves cats so I knew she'd be able to pull off the feline look perfectly and I was so excited to see the finished look. The black sequins add sparkle to the fascinator while the touches of pink match Audrey's hair perfectly. The ears are wired on the inside, so they can be bent in different directions and the veiling can be worn up or down, letting you mix up the look. Ready to make one for yourself? Here's the how-to:


  1. Small img 0086

    We're going to start by covering our fascinator base with the black sequin trim.

  2. Small img 0089

    Glue an outer ring of sequins around the fascinator.

  3. Small img 0091

    Secure this row of sequins in place with a needle and thread. We're not going to stitch every single sequin in place ongoing but it's good to get your first row sewn in to place.

  4. Small img 0092

    Glue down your second row of sequins by glueing small segments at a time and working your way around the row.

  5. Small img 0093

    Keep going...

  6. Small img 0094

    Keep going until you reach the middle of the fascinator.

  7. Small img 0097

    Stitch the final sequin in place with a needle and thread. Snip off the remaining trim. Continue stitching sequins in place all over the fascinator to make sure that the trim is secure. You don't need to be too thorough - just make sure you get an even selection around the base.

  8. Small img 9874

    Cut a triangle template out of paper, in the size you'd like your ears to be.

  9. Small img 9875

    Cut around this on to thick fabric, like canvas, leaving 1cm of fabric around the edges.

  10. Small img 9878

    Use the template to bend a piece of wire in to the exact shape you'd like the ears to be.

  11. Small img 9879

    Lay the wire in the center of your fabric and cut a notch out of the top of the triangle.

  12. Small img 9880

    Fold the edges of the fabric over the wire...

  13. Small img 9881

    and stitch in place.

  14. Small img 9888

    Starting at the bottom edge, stitch a row of pink sequins in place using a needle and pink thread, leave a gap (measuring roughly two sequins wide) at either side. Continue stitching more rows, decreasing by one sequin or so with every row.

  15. Small img 9887

    Keep going until you reach the top.

  16. Small img 0083

    Now stitch a row of black sequins on the outer edge of the ear. When you reach the top, fold it down the other side and then sew a second row back the way you came.

  17. Small img 0085

    It should look like this when you're finished.

  18. Small img 0098

    Flip the ear over and continue the same technique to stitch rows of black sequins to the back of the ear.

  19. Small img 0100

    When you get to the end, leave a long tail of sequins.

  20. Small img 0084

    Now fold and glue the sequin trim around the edges of the ear, stitching in place.

  21. Small img 0085

    You're finished ear should look like this.

  22. Small img 0103

    Repeat with the other ear.

  23. Small img 0104

    Decide where you'd like the ears to go and stitch in place with black thread.

  24. Small img 0374

    Cut a paper heart template that will look cute as a nose.

  25. Small img 0375

    Stitch pink sequins in the heart pattern to make the nose.

  26. Small img 0381

    Thread a needle with silver wire.

  27. Small img 0382

    Pull the needle through the fascinator behind the nose. Knot the wire behind the fascinator then pull the wire back through the front.

  28. Small img 0383

    Repeat twice more. Cut your whiskers to the right size and bend to look the way you like.

  29. Small img 0384

    Cut a small felt circle and glue it to the inside, where the wire pierces through the fascinator.

  30. Small img 0385

    Cut a generous length of veiling.

  31. Small img 0448

    Position the veiling underneath the fascinator, so that it falls across your face nicely and then stitch in place. It's a good idea to look in a mirror to get the veiling just right.

  32. Small img 0396

    Stitch a hair comb on to the bottom of your fascinator and it's ready to wear.

  33. Small img 0432  1

    Play with the veiling, bend the ears and position the whiskers in a way you like.