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Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, DE
Poppyseed Cheesecake (With Or Without Sugar And Wheat)
Belt Made Of Old Jeans And Beltbag
Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Cat Activity Board ( Fummelbrett )
Cat activity board - fun challenge for clever and frisky cats.

This is a cat activity board ( we call it "Fummelbrett" in Germany), which I made for my two cats Mason and Freckles. They were already bored of their cat tree and their usual toys, so I decided to make something new myself. I used a wooden board as basic and cardboard rolls, little boxes, childrens toys, empty plastic bottles and stuff like that for the modules.
First I covered the cardboard rolls and boxes with fancy paper, then I decided where everything should have its place and hot glued all of it onto the board.
To use the cat activity board, you fill the modules with treats. The cats have to fumble them out, which is a little challenge and also a lot of fun for most cats.
My cats really love it, they fumbled out all of the treats in about 20 minutes and kept lookig if there might be more! :)

***I've got the idea for the cat activity board from this site: http://www.katzenfummelbrett.ch/ ( it's under construction at the moment).***

I tried to list everything I used. If you're interested in a how to, let me know - I'd be happy to try. :)


Budgie Hammock

Budgie Hammock

could be made for another pet if template is made bigger.

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Cat Tent

Cat Tent

A cheap and easy tent for your furry little friends!

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Pom Pom Cat Toy

Pom Pom Cat Toy

A cute toy for your cat :)

♥ 9
Flavored Chew Sticks

Flavored Chew Sticks

A yummy treat for your fluffy friends

♥ 7
Diy Treat Dispenser/Dog Toy

Diy Treat Dispenser/Dog Toy

simple interactive dog toy

♥ 11
Toilet Roll Cat Toy

Toilet Roll Cat Toy

What can't you make out of a toilet roll?!

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