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A cartoon stand in of yourself!
I made this in an art class, and it's really easy to make! Everybody says my stand in looks nothing like me, but they think it looks like my mom. Anyway, I would have put pretty easy under difficulty, but it might be a little harder if your not that good with drawing. But it is really easy, because I'm in an Art 1 which is for beginners and we learned how to do it, so you should be able too!
All you really do is draw yourself on some tracing paper, but make it cartoonish by adding more to almost EVERYTHING! Like my hair in the stand in, when I made it my hair was in a little puff ball, so I made my hair on the standout gigantic! You basically over exaggerate a lot! Then, you put the tracing paper over the board (secure it with tape so you don't mess up, preferably duck tape) then trace over all of the lines you made. Next, you can remove the paper when your done, and outline the lines that should now be on the board with a sharpie. When you finish with that, start coloring it in with markers (I didn't use markers, because I didn't have the same color I started with, so I just used crayons, but markers work best!). The last things you have to do is: cut it out, and hot glue triangles on the back so it will stand up (USE HOT GLUE! I decided, the first time I did this, that I wouldn't use hot glue. So instead, I used tacky glue and it was A DISASTER! Please use hot glue, I'm saving you the trouble. Cut the triangles from the extra poster board, by the way). Tip: when you cut it out, leave a little white edge on the standout when you cut it out, it makes it look cartoony. Besides that, that is it! Hope you enjoy making it! :)

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