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A loom almost as easy to tote around and store as it is to make and use!
As any weaving fan out there knows, looms these days are rater pricey- even for a basic model! There's also the fact that they're rather hard to find in stores and also take up quite a bit of room once they're home. Fear not though, my dear weavers, for I present to you the answer to all our prayers! :D

Posted by Jenny Bones from Michigan, Indiana, United States • Published See Jenny Bones's 12 projects »
  • Step 1

    Cardboard. You can find it just about anywhere. I recommend using something about the size of an egg box. The bigger your loom the more possibilities but the harder it is to carry it around with you.

    I recommend that you DO NOT use corrugated cardboard for this project, sorry. :(

  • Step 2

    Use a ruler to mark every 8th of an inch across the top and bottom of your cardboard piece.

    DO NOT ROTATE YOUR RULER WHEN YOU GO TO MARK THE OPPOSITE END. Your markings MUST match up exactly or your weft (what you weave your fabric through) will be skewed!

  • Step 3

    Cut your slits!

    Try to keep them all relatively the same length (about half and inch). The more uniform they are the more even the top/bottom of your weaving will be when you push all your yarn up. :)

  • Step 4

    Wrap your weft through the slits and wrap your board.

    Your weft can be anything from yarn to simple string but be aware that unless you comb your weaving nice and tight that you WILL be able to see your weft thread in your weaving when you're done.

  • Step 5

    Make sure you keep the weft thread as tight as possible without bending your board.

    Connect the two ends at the back of your loom and tie them off. You may need a friendly finger (lol) to help.

  • Step 6

    You can now start weaving! :D

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Allen P.
Allen P.
Thy  P.
Thy P. · Hol, Buskerud, NO · 11 projects
What can you make with that??
Caily M
Caily M
i hav read the directions over five times but i dont get how to keep the vertical strings in place could some one please help
Jenny Bones
Jenny Bones · Michigan, Indiana, US · 12 projects
@nerdy-gerty: For the best results, cut a piece from a printer paper box. Standard corrugated cardboard will eventually bend under the weight and tension but if you can find a heavy duty version-very large egg crates, produce boxes- then I suppose that could be used as well.

@Stoopid Sally: I wrap my looms all the way around, as mentioned in the latter example of your question. However, other weaving friends of mine have made comments that your first example also works, but is not reccomended for large scale projects. I hope that helps! ^__^;
Stoopid Sally
Stoopid Sally · Rochester, New York, US
When you are wrapping the loom, do wrap the yarn back and forth (through a top slit, then the bottom, then back to the top and so on?)
or do you just keep wrapping around it? (put it through the top then down to the bottom then to the top from behind it) I hope this made sense...
nerdy-gerty · San Francisco, California, US
then what kind of cardboard should i use?

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