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The Hague, South Holland, NL
Wild Habits Necklace
Sunny Amulets Necklace
Heavy Metal Bag Charm
Candy String Necklace
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FINISHED SIZE: 68cm (26 ¾")


  • Step 1

    Attach the beading wire to one split ring using one crimp bead.

  • Step 2

    String: orange glass bead with swirls, yellow glass bead with flowers, two-tone red glass bead, small yellow crochet bead, red glass bead with diagonal stripes, yellow wooden bead, red crochet bead, orange photobead, dark pink beaded bead, orange plastic bead, dark pink photobead, yellow crochet bead, red wooden bead, orange glass bead with diagonals two-tone orange glass bead and a crimp bead.

  • Step 3

    Pass the beading wire through the second split ring and back through the crimp bead; crimp.

  • Step 4

    Pass the red ribbon trough one split ring, put the ends of the ribbon together and tie a knot 6,5 cm from the ends. Using one jump ring connect another jump ring to the ribbon loop.

  • Step 5

    Repeat step 4 with the orange ribbon on the other side of the bead string. Attach the clasp to the last jump ring.

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Dee S.
Dee S. · London, GB · 41 projects
What a stunning necklace, the type I will wear on holiday. I really like the colour combo, this site is full of so many talented people. Keep up the good work everyone.

Thanks for sharing.

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