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45 mins

Funky strap for great photographers.
While the strips are wet don't let them touch or the colors will bleed into each other. How you put it onto the camera is up to you. You could use jump rings, or simply tie one of the strips to the camera.
This project was super easy, and it looks nice too. (:

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  • Step 1

    cut t-shirt into long strips, depending on how long you want the strap

  • Step 2

    Mix the water and food coloring in small bowls, dip the fabric strips in the colors. You can do multiple colors on one strip or just solid colors.

  • Step 3

    put the strips in the dryer. DO NOT WASH THEM. the color will come out. Let them get mostly dry.

  • Step 4

    Here's the long part. Tie off one end of all strips and begin to braid. I did a fishtail braid on mine, with three strips on each side. After that. tie off the other end and loop it onto your camera.

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