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Camera Pillow.

This handmade camera pillow is soo super easy to be made! • Posted by Luloveshandmade

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2 h 00


Nice & Simple
Medium camera 1



  1. Small 6

    Make yourself a sketch of a camera and draw it with a pencil onto white fabric. The use textile colors for painting the camera onto the fabric. Let the color dry according to the instructions on the color's package and after it has dried, cut out the camera's shape, leaving some space at the edges for seam allowances. Cut out a second piece of fabric of the same size, put both layers (front and back of the pillow) onto each other, right sides facing. Use your sewing machine to sew the layers onto each other. Leave a small opening, pull the pillow case inside out and stuff it with batting through the opening. Finally, close the opening and that's it! :)