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Make your cake presentation pretty.
I REALLY wanted a cake stand, but they're either expensive or very plain. I finally decided to make the 'glue-up' stand. I spent $4 at Goodwill to get 2 candlestcks and 2 plates. I already had epoxy. I think they worked well. I used them in my bake booth last week.

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  • How to make a cake stand. Cakie Stand - Step 1
    Step 1

    Gather your materials. I found some black and white bird plates and white candlesticks. I tested the fit at the store by placing the plates on top of the candlesticks (to make sure they looked right together and would sit flat).

  • How to make a cake stand. Cakie Stand - Step 2
    Step 2

    I wanted some color on my cake stands so I bought a pack of ceramic paint at Michael's. The plates need to be clean before you paint them or glue the candlesticks to them. I painted my plates and then baked them for 30 minutes (per the paint directions, your's might be different).

  • How to make a cake stand. Cakie Stand - Step 3
    Step 3

    After I finshed with the paint, I found the center back of the plate (that's where the candlestick attaches) and I mixed my epoxy (follow directions on the package) and used a toothpick to glob it onto the candlestick. This is easy and my plates were stamped in the center so it was easy to make sure I was on target. I like to give the candlestick a gentle twist into place so I can be sure that the epoxy has been spread evenly. I skipped the tape, but I did allow it to set over night. They were ready in the morning.

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