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2 color cable cowl
It was supposed to be a scarf, but I run out of yarn. My cowl is knitted with chunky yarn (Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn) and 11 US needles, but you can use any yarn and needles you like.

Posted by Essence from Cleveland, Ohio, United States • Published See Essence's 57 projects »
  • How to make a cowl. 2 Hour Cowl - Step 1
    Step 1

    CO 14 sts of MC and 14 sts of B. Knit 2 rows ( K14 in B, K14 in A; then K14 in A, k14 in B).

    Row 1 (RS): K14 in B, k14 in A.

    Row 2: K10 in A, p4 in A, p4 in B, k10 in B.

    Rows 3 to 8: Rep rows 1 and 2 alternately.

    Row 9: K10 in B, 8-st LC-b, K10 in A.

    Row 10: K10 in A, p4 in B, p4 in A, K10 in B.

    Row 11: K10 in B, k4 in A, k4 in B, k10 in A.

    Row 12: Rep row 10.

    Rows 13 to 18: Rep rows 11 to 12 alternately.

    Row 19: K10 in B, 8-st LC-a, k10 in A.

    Row 20. Rep row 2.

    Repeat rows 3 and 20 until desired length is achieved. Knit 2 rows. BO leaving a long tail. Using long tail, thread the darning needle and sew the CO and BO edges together. Weave in any loose ends.

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