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Kinda reminds me of chain maille
Found this fancy bracelet somewhere and decided to give it a shot, considering the original is from a blog somewhere, and is in russian...oh well. Now atleast I feel fancier than I did a couple hours ago.

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aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
@Christina Y. I attached two snaps on the ends with using the same kind of technique as I used on the buttons.

@Ellen Stewart. You have to essentially do one button at a time with one continuous length of strand crossing each hole around three times and then wrapping it around the middle twice and then heading onto the next connection bit. Left to right and moving directly below that and then moving right to left repeating that all the way down. It's kinda hard to explain really but the back of it ends up looking pretty terrible. If you've ever checked out the back of cross stitch project, you'll know what I mean.
Ellen Stewart
Ellen Stewart · Auburn, Alabama, US · 16 projects
Cute! How did you make it thick with the three row buttons. Every other one I see is one line of buttons.
Christina Y.
Christina Y. · 22 projects
That looks awesome O.O but how does it connect at the ends? I can't really tell in the picture