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Based on Butterfly Headphones by Lauren N.
I decided that Lauren's butterfly headphones was a must mod for my Sennheiser OMX 52 Street headphones.

didn't take me too long. spent most of my time deciding what butterfly to use. so many to choose from!

i varied my mod so that they aren't actually glued on. ref to pictures, i actually attached a piece of plastic to the part of the wing that was meant to join to my headphones and slotted them into a small cavity behind the blue reflective shield on the front of the headphones. this means i can change it or take it away whenever i want. :) flexibility is the key.

also, when i walk, they kinda flutter back and forward like real wings!

Thanks heaps for the idea!

Posted by Shmandles from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia • Published See Shmandles's 4 projects »

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Shmandles · Sydney, New South Wales, AU · 4 projects
hey tina,

thanks. actually i did make several, all of different shapes and colours. twas quite fun.
T!N@ · Stratford, Ontario, CA · 4 projects
aw i love how you can take them off and on. It would be cool to make a bunch and have one for every day of the week. They look really good, nice job!

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