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Pretty Evelyn is a perfectly charming soft-toy companion to help you while away a crafty afternoon.
project by: suzie fry

There are four pattern pieces: body/head, wing, eye and foot. S From the body fabric, cut two body/head pieces. S From the wing fabric, cut four wing pieces. S From the interfacing, cut two wing pieces.
S From the felt, cut two eye pieces. S From the felt, cut twelve foot pieces.
S Make sure your machine is threaded and your bobbin is full.
S Note that seam allowances are 5 mm unless it says otherwise.
S Sew each seam twice to add strength. S For best results, trim loose threads as you go. S Keep your stitches small and careful.

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© 2023 Pip Lincolne / Hardie Grant Books · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Make the legs

    Cut the cotton tape or cord into six 8-cm pieces. To attach the feet, sew two rectangular foot pieces together, sandwiching one end of the cord or tape in between each to form a foot.

    You can stitch the feet to look like claws and trim the original rectangular feet into ovals like in our photo, or you can make the feet and stitching any shape you like. Have fun and use your imagination. It’s a good idea to practise on a scrap of felt first.

  • How to make a butterfly plushie. Buterfly Evelyn - Step 2
    Step 2

    Make the face

    On the right side of one body piece, pin the felt eyes into place. Hand sew around the eyes with a running or backstitch to secure. Using a dark colour, make a few satin stitches to form the pupils. Next, stitch a small nose, also in satin stitch, and then a line of backstitch for the mouth. Feel free to vary the suggested stitches if you have your own great ideas.

  • How to make a butterfly plushie. Buterfly Evelyn - Step 3
    Step 3

    Make the wings

    Iron the shiny side of the interfacing wing pieces on to the wrong side of two fabric wing pieces. (The shiny side of the interfacing has the glue on it, so that is the side that has to face the wrong side of the fabric.)

    Next, with right sides together, sew one interfaced and one non-interfaced wing piece together around the edge, leaving a small opening along the straight (inner) edge as marked on the pattern for turning out. Turn the wing through to the right side and tuck the seam allowance into the opening. Press the unstitched opening together with a hot iron, tucking any raw edges inside the wing. Using the sewing machine, neatly stitch the opening closed. Do the same with the other two wing pieces.

    Pin the finished wings to the right side of the back body piece. Refer to the pattern for suggested placement. Carefully and neatly machine sew the wings to the back body piece, using two rows of stitching as shown in the diagram.

    Fold the wings back on themselves to make sure they do not get caught in the seams when you later sew the back body to the front. Use pins to keep them in place.

  • How to make a butterfly plushie. Buterfly Evelyn - Step 4
    Step 4

    The legs and antennae

    With the right side of the front body piece facing up, pin the legs and antennae in place, (referring to the pattern for placement). Make sure the feet and antennae knots are facing into the body (not hanging over the edges). It should look like the picture below.

    Note: Limbs and antennae must point in. Stitch them into place close to the edge.

    Sew in place about 3 mm from the cut edge of the body fabric. You do not want this stitching to show after the body is assembled, but it will eliminate the need for awkward pins while sewing small pieces together.

  • Step 5

    Sew together

    Place the back body piece over the front body piece, right sides down. The two body pieces should have their right sides facing each other, with the legs, antennae and wings sandwiched between them. Before you sew, double-check that all these pieces are facing away from the edges and are tucked into the butterfly body. Use lots of pins to keep everything in place.

    Stitch all around the body, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing as marked on the pattern. Stitch again for extra strength.

  • How to make a butterfly plushie. Buterfly Evelyn - Step 6
    Step 6

    To Finish

    Using the opening at the side of the body, gently turn the body right side out. Be careful with those butterfly wings. As you turn, all the legs, wings and antennae will pop out. Using a chopstick or knitting needle, carefully push the seams right out.

    Start stuffing the body with small pieces of stuffing, concentrating first on the head and then the bottom tip of the body. Stuffing firmly will help to ensure the finished toy is not lumpy. Using ladder stitch or similar, and tiny stitches, sew the opening closed. Then say, ‘Pleased to meet you, Evelyn!'

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