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I love all things burlesque, and came across this sight whilst searching for ways to make a bustle skirt on the tinternet after seeing some girl ( wiv excellent pins I might add ) wearing a bustle skirt. I was so jealous I just had to know how to make one. So I followed some simple instructions i found on ere and added a few tweeks of my own and this is the finished product.

Posted by Billie Munk from Gainsborough, England, United Kingdom • Published See Billie Munk's 4 projects »
  • How to make a bustle skirt. Bustle Skirt - Step 1
    Step 1


    Waiste band:
    Width= Waist measurement+9cm (overlap)

    Full underskirt:
    Width= Waistband measurement x3
    Depth centre back=40cm
    Depth centre front=25cm

    Ruffle one:
    Width = 1/2 waist measurement x3
    Depth CB= 25cm

    Ruffle two:
    Width= 1/2 waist measurement x3
    Depth CB= 30cm

    Ruffle three:
    Width= 1/2 waist measurement x3
    Depth CB= 35cm

  • How to make a bustle skirt. Bustle Skirt - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cutting the Pattern:
    (This bit made my brain hurt so I'm sorry if i don't explaine it well.)

    My pattern is cut so when i cut the fabric i did so on the fold.

    I took all the width measurements and 1/2 them.

    On them I marked balence points (These help u line up the fabric once cut) at the overlap point, and side points. I also marked the CF, CB and fold of the fabric.

    Add seam allowances (1.5cm) to hem line, top and side. Do not add seam allowance to CB because it is on a fold. Unless u entend to cut it as 2 seperate pieces and join together later.

    I drafted my pattern on a roll of lining paper from a DIY store. You get about 10m for 2 quid but i guess u could use newspaper or wrapping paper.

  • How to make a bustle skirt. Bustle Skirt - Step 3
    Step 3

    Cutting the fabric:
    Each of my ruffles is made up of three layers black lace over Black taffeta, to give it some texture and underneath orange netting to give it volume, the underskirt is made of a single layer of black taffeta.

    Black lace and Orange netting:

  • How to make a bustle skirt. Bustle Skirt - Step 4
    Step 4

    Only the ruffles are cut in these fabrics.

    Fold fabric and cut one of each.

    Black taffeta;
    Ruffles waistband and underskirt are cut in this fabric.

    Again fold fabric in half and place each of the pieces against the fold. Cut all the pieces once, except the waistband, u will need 2 of these.

  • How to make a bustle skirt. Bustle Skirt - Step 5
    Step 5


    First i overlocked all the raw edges. You can also do this using the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. It isn't essential but leaves a much neater finish.

    I trimmed the hem on the orange netting with bias binding. Again this isn't essential but i think it looks much neater.

    Having prepared the individual components i began constucting my ruffles. each ruffle ha three layers; lace, taffeta and net. i neatly stitched along the top to hold the layers in place. I then gathered the ruffles. I did this by hand usinga basic running stitch. I believe you can do this on your sewing machine but the skill eludes me.Once each of the Three ruffles and the underskirt was prepared i turned my attention to the waistband.

  • How to make a bustle skirt. Bustle Skirt - Step 6
    Step 6

    I stiffened the waistband by ironing facing on each of the waistband pieces i then pet right sides together and stitched along the top of the waistband.

  • How to make a bustle skirt. Bustle Skirt - Step 7
    Step 7

    Open out waistband right side up and begin pinning ruffles and underskirt ono it. Stith across top..
    Fold waistband i on its self and close seam eaten off edges.

    Try on and mark whwer u want buttons to go. add button holes and buttons.

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pittysoares · 6 projects
this skirt is just so amazing! I love it!
Louise Louisa
Louise Louisa · 3 projects
That's such an awesome skirt! I love how the bias binding just peeks out from under the taffeta, it's a really sweet detail Happy
Kelly B.
Kelly B. · Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US · 7 projects
Demonymphetamine · Turmero, Aragua, VE · 49 projects
thanks for the pictures of the patterns
Billie Munk
Billie Munk · Gainsborough, England, GB · 4 projects
Thanks for the faves.

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