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Fan created memorabilia from the movie Mean Girls
Inspired by the movie "Mean Girls." This book was designed as a birthday present for my friend. The inside is filled memorabilia from the movie. The left side of the book inside has the plan written on the chalkboard (see photo reference here: favim.com/orig/201106/04/aaron-samuels-army-body-hot-mean-girls-skanks-Favim.com-66105.jpg)while the right side has a various quotes from the movie.

You can use anything to make up the letters that spell burn book. I chose to print off my own font to match the book but you can clip them from a magazine, newspaper, etc.

The ribbon embellishment is my own touch (the original burn book lacks this aesthetic appeal.)

To make the lip marks, I took a photo of lips and cut around the edges with an exacto knife. This left me with a cheap stencil to reuse while painting.

The real burn book has more detailed sharpie lines around the cover, but I left it plain since it is a gift for a friend. They have the right to personalize it.

Materials Used:
Pink Binder (can be replaced with a scrapbook)
Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun
Paint (Red Nail Polish was used)
Letters to make up the words "Burn Book"
Paper (makes up the pages of the book)



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