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Based on Burlesque Bustle Skirt by Becca K.
I made this skirt for a steampunk outfit (I'm attempting to make a girly one, and a more boyish one, if my boyfriend doesn't try to make me make it for him.) Anyway, it was my first piece for it, so I wore it to a free SXSW concert with a tulle and feathered hairpiece for a burlesque-y look, until I make the corset or top Im expecting to make....

I used satin. I used it simply because I found the taffeta was sort-of artificial looking, and I want my end outfit to look pretty earthy and natural.... with no extremely bold colors, and the like.

I have a 31" waist, and used less than 10 yards for the lace, just to give you an idea for how much you need.

One thing that I HATE HATE HATE about this skirt is the stupid front skirt. I apparently cut a little too much for the full skirt, but if I cut extra off, it would ignore the slant and look wonky (wonkier than it is now.)
Another thing is the finishing on the sides of the full skirt (the ends that form the slit under the buttons.) I need to fix those up, maybe trim the lace beyond fraying ability and iron iron iron the hems. Ewwy.

:) Im still really happy with the result. It's very flattering, even with my little belly and backside....

P.S. Please ignore the messy bed! And horrible photos in general! ;D

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Owllady13 · Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Awesome ideas!
lin d.
lin d.
the skirt looks really cool when you turn sideways. if it was made like that it would interestingly asymmertical

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