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Based on Bubble Dress In 3 Easy Steps by Brittany Marie
An invitation to a white party got me frantically searching for ideas to make a quick, cheap outfit, and I came across this tutorial. What I did different was that I made a top, instead of a dress out of 1 t-shirt.

What I did was turning the shirt upside down and cutting the neck and sleeves part out. I made a small slit in the seam (which was previously the bottom of the t-shirt) to insert a piece of ribbon. Then I made two slits on the side of the shirt, for my arms. I didn't measure it, just trial and error, because I am going to wear a tank top underneath anyway, so the openings are slightly big (without tank top the sides of my bra would definitely show...if that's the desired effect, go ahead and do it, it's also cute).
Put your head through the 'bottom seam' of the t-shirt, and your arms through the slits on the side, and tighten the ribbon around your neck until it's comfortably tight. You might need to rearrange a bit the 'ruffles' resulting from the string on your neck, and you're done. The great part is that you can wear it really tight around your neck, or lose and have a kind of a boat neck effect. Enjoy! And thanks Britanny :)

PS: I would like to change the title to "buble inspired top", but apparantely it's not possible, when you're posting a version.

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happyplarner · 4 projects
it's not, but it's a version of the originally posted tutorial by Brittann Marie ;)
manilla · 7 projects
that is not a bubble dress

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